I chose to wear Hijab :)


I started to wear Hijab since I was at Senior High School, 2nd grade. No one forced me. You know, the first time i wore it, my mom said, ‘Are you really sure?’ . I answered her, ‘yep. I am really sure!”. Then I started to change all my clothes, i tried to wear long skirt, left all my tight jeans, tight shirt, etc.

And I feel, I enjoy wearing it. I feel safer. All men respect to me. Then I started to wear a wide/big Hijab than before until now. I wear it just for my Lord, not for human. So, no matter what people say about me and my Hijab, it doesn’t concern me at all. All I need is Allah’s concern. Hehe.

Once, A Teacher said about woman with this parable, “woman who covers her body with Hijab and wear a modesty clothes is like a candy, while a woman who doesn’t cover her body is like ‘Gorengan’.” So what would you like to be? A candy or Gorengan*? You know what? Islam respects and protects woman !

So, in my opinion, what the Femen with their Topless Jihad day did is perhaps they dont know the position of woman in Islam. Well, covering the body with Hijab that’s exactly an obligation for woman. I can’t force someone to wear it, no, you can choose whether you will wear it or not. It is exactly your right, girls. It is exactly between you and your Lord. But still, I hope every muslim women can wear it. Because it will protect you from some jerks and hemm perhaps man womanizer. And also protect your skin your whole body :). You wouldn’t know until you try it, believe me.

Okay, I think the more you know Islam and understand it, you will know what the right thing is. I don’t want to say anything to that Topless or other feminist group, I just hope, God will open their heart. Amiin. oh yha, if their intentions are help the woman who covers their body because a forcing. Im gonna say this, “I don’t need your help because no one forces me, I am free to wear it, and I chose this :)”.


Why my teacher used the parable between  Gorengan and Candies? Because here in Indonesia, everyone can see gorengan and even can touch it freely, different with candies, mostly candies wrap by plastic, so noone can see the candy until you open the wrapping. Hehe. If you compare with woman in Hijab like candies, you can see her until you marry her and get her from her parents :). That’s exclusively being a Hijaber, and I’m proud to be it.

Honestly, when i saw a woman with a short skirt sat on the public transportation, I always felt bad and mad. I was always wondering, what the woman thinks? because, she sat and pulled her skirt, so maybe she can cover her thigh. But, Oh come on, your skirt wouldn’t get longer because you pulled it, honey :). It will be the same as before. If you want to cover  your thigh, why don’t you wear long skirt?????? Hehe

But, still I cant force woman to wear it, but it doesn’t mean I can’t say what I think is right and better for muslim woman right? Hehe.. You know, you’re more beautiful in modest clothes and Hijab 🙂


2 thoughts on “I chose to wear Hijab :)

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