Gone With The Wind

Gone with the Wind is a 1939 American epic historical romance film adapted from Margaret Mitchell’s Pulitzer-winning 1936 novel. Well, just knew it from Catatan Pinggir by Goenawan Muhammad. But this time, I won’t tell you about this anyway. Just thinking, this title is match with topic I want to share. Well, hahaha. Not Really anyway.. But actually, I read the meaning of that idioms. So, i think it will match.. *keukeuh

A couple of days ago, i told someone, I felt somehow nothing these days. I miss my old time. My hectic time. When I was still student, 5 semester, when I had so many activities. I miss those things. I miss the time, when I could manage so many things, with the same hours that I have now.

I was tired though, but now I’m tired than that time…

I realized that moment, that hectic time was so productive. Now, when I have times, I just have one single thing to do. Do my job perfectly, that’s all. But I feel so tired.. Haha. Tired, because, it is boring!

The more I have times, the more i get lazy 😦

It doesn’t mean, I don’t want to have another stuff (read it responsibility), but I can’t do that in my regular time, because my job. So i think, it will be better if i take ‘amanah’ which i can do it, wherever I am. But still, it feels different.

When I realize it, remember a hadith or a quote or something, i don’t really remember.. hehe.. My bad… 😦

‘Amanah keeps you close to Allah’.

So, let’s keep productive time,, beat the laziness ! Yosh !!


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