Serambi Makkah Expedition

CIMG0012Notre voyage sera inoubliable..

Here I go again, doing the report of the project.

This week I went to Serambi Makkah, or its well known as Aceh. The one which got the tsunami on 2004, its been 8 years, but the people here have been moved on. Alhamdulillaah.

There I visited 2 regencies, Bener Meriah Regency and Gayo Lues Regency through the mountains. Well two thumb up for Directorate General of Highways of Indonesia who built the highways over the mountains. Standing applause!

It took 7 hours from Banda Aceh to get to Bener Meriah Regency, and of course it through the mountain, the coffee plantation, and rice field. You could breath the fresh air over there. Such a  green to see you know. Hehe

And after a long travelling, we spend the night at Takengon City, Central Aceh Regency, before continue the journey to Gayo Lues. And you know what, I lost the AC remote at hotel. Because it was so so cold, so no need an AC. Remember me to the AA gym Villa at Parongpong, Lembang and my home, my bed.

CIMG0038And then In the morning, we continued the journey through the mount for (at least) 5 hours until you found the valley, in which you could see the cows, lambs, carabaos, wandering on the road. Well, because it was morning, it didn’t feel bad. Though my body got sick.

Yeah.. I did some inspection where the landfill construction took place. After we saw what we need to see and to clarify, we got back to Banda Aceh. It was about 5 pm. And if you wanna go to Banda Aceh from Gayo Lues, it takes 12 hours, and the creepy thing is you spend for 8 hours on the mountain, where no one can help, if something bad happen.

Well yeah, it was creepy indeed ! Spent the night on the mountain. The winding roads and the sharp turns, up and down the mountains. There is no car in front and behind us. Just our car. And when we saw the light, I always feel relieved. There is a life in this mountain. Haha

The scary thing arose, when we passed the road, I smelt the incense. Geez it was so awfull back then. Haha. Well, but I kept quiet during the time. Until my partner said the same thing the next day. I thought it was just my illusion.

Well you know, some people use it for séance, or such to call the spirit and take the possession of a body. Well, actually, this is Indonesia, when some people still have ‘faith’ (I don’t know how to call it) on that. So I didn’t feel it was so weird, when you smelt incense on the mountain. But still, it was creepy. I have seen the séance process, though. Haha

But the funny thing is, I passed the road, when a guy with the rain coat yelled at something. I got a bit shocked anyway, because I was half awake (too bad, my body got more sick, I felt bilious). The guy said, ‘haye,haye’ or I wasn’t sure what he was talking with such an angry tone. When I turned my head to the right window, I saw three carabaos. Ya salaam..

Haha.. oh come on, it was late for herding the buffalo (carabaos). Haha. It was 9 pm. But it wasn’t that weird anyway, at least, for the villagers, when they have to herd their cows or carabaos in the night. The same thing that I was always see is I can see cows, goats, lambs, dogs, buffaloes, and other pets hover on the road. I thought that, the government should have devise a rule about this thing. So you no need to stop all of a sudden on the road because the cows is sunbathing. Hehe

The good things are no traffic jam, no pollution, the green sceneries, it was so great. MaashaAllah. But still, a life always has a good side and  a bad side. And the bad thing is bad sanitation.

And the foods.. hmm.. I missed Bandung ! If I can so rude, I will choose Pop Mie better than its food. Hehe

I can say, this project which spent 7 hours on the aircraft with the bad weather, took almost 24 hours on a car just to see 2 to 5 hours on the location in 4 days. Wow, such a great thing to remember ! It was really something..


Here on the top of the Leuser Mountain

I try my best to forget

Hope I could move from now on

I try my best to let it go

But still, you are always in mind

Would you tell me I was wrong? Would you help me understand?

Forget for all the things

To look forward the future that awaits you up ahead



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