Special Gift :)

cute-muslim-baby-girls-pics-9And they just didn’t see..

No they just couldn’t know..

The feeling that you get..

if you believe – Mandy Moore

Okay, i dont wanna talk about that lyric. I just wanna talk about something else. Yaiyalah.. Haha *efek jenuh*

I am always saying to my sisters, “I wanna have a baby.. with crying out loud icon”..

Haha, I don’t know, but i want it deseperately.. T.T

It is so wonderfull to see when i saw a woman with her baby.. walking around me..

Oooo.. it was so painfull to see.. huks… Hahahaha..

Okay.. But, eta kudu sing sabar, doa nya kenceng… Yosh ! *ngomong apa gue*

A while ago, one of my partner at a project, told me about his son. About 12 years old, but he is an autistic… Feeling a bit sad, i don’t know what kind of feeling is this. Kind of feeling uneasy.. >.<

I always touched with that kind of parents who had a special gift from Allah. Touched with his patient… And I never expected, that he had a son with special thing like that. Because, he was always smile, always happy,,

But a while ago, he looks a bit sad. He told us, his son had a cramp on his leg, and he was mad when he touched his leg. Well, you know….. I don’t know what I have to do in such situation. When I am a mom with special kid…

I just remembered an article about “please don’t say, autis for a joke”. The people here, sometime say, “ih, kamu autis banget deh”, or something. Please don’t say such a thing. You never know, how it feels, when you have to face an autistic..

Hmmm… Still say Alhamdulillah, i have this perfect body and mind.. 🙂
I pray for the parents who had the same problem with my partner, May Allah blesses you all,, Ameen 🙂


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