Merauke : The Deer Town of Indonesia



Dari Sabang sampai Merauke

Menjajah pulau-pulau

Sambung memnyambung menjadi satu

Itulah Indonesia

Indonesia tanah airku

Aku berjanji padamu

Menjunjung tanah airku

Tanah airku Indonesia

Here I go. After spent one day at Jayapura, I went to Merauke the deer town of Indonesia. It took one hour from Jayapura by aircraft. The most important transportation here at Papua and west Papua is aircraft. Here at Papua, the Directorate General of Highway Indonesia has not conquered the land yet. Hehe. Well yeah, perhaps because the topography of this land mostly is mountain. So it will be hard if they build highway to connect one place to another. And the most reason is, the price list here is expensive !

Another reason are Papua is known as Malaria town. When a person bit by that mosquitos, the disease last the whole their life. They said. I don’t know exactly. Hehe. Have you read Da Conspiracia by Afifah afra, she said about Boven Digeol?? The worst place for the outcast. It was one place at Papua. And the second reason, they have not be friends with the indigenous people of Papua. Remember about Dayak, Dani, Asmat? Yeah..

One of my colleague here told me about his experience when he lived with Asmat people for 10 years, it is hard to tell, but yups, they have not touched by the other of their world. Some of them didn’t wear clothes like we do. But now, the indigenous people from Papua have been changed from time to time. Their appearance, knowledge, etc. all the government here at Papua are the indigenous of Papua. One of my colleague is Papua also, and he is kind enough I think. Hehe

Okay… Merauke, the flat land at Papua. As far as you can see, no hill, no mountain. Flat ! Haha.. different from Jayapura and other regencies in Papua. Merauke is the most flat. Comparison is about 60 : 40. 60% new comer and 40 % the indigeneous people of Papua. Merauke is the safest regency among the other regencies. No conflict ever hear here. Typical food from Merauke is Dendeng Rusa (jerked meat of deer). My colleague gave me some of them when I went back to Bandung.

Dendeng Rusa

Dendeng Rusa

The place of interest here at Merauke is twin statue of Sabang(Aceh Province)-Merauke(Papua Province) at the border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, Ant nests monument, Lampu Satu Beach, and Wasur National Parks. But because I finished my job at noon, so I just visited Lampu Satu Beach, which I could reach in 15 minutes from my Hotel.

I want to see sunset, but Oh, it was cloudy that day, so I couldn’t see sunset. And this beach is really different. It is really flat, brown sand, and the water is dirt too. Some people dug the sand and used it for building. You can see many boats of fisherman. And you can guess, mostly the people here originally from Bugis, Makassar South Sulawesi. Haha. Don’t expect too much here ! Hehe

Because I was so hungry, then I bought African Gathoux. Well it was good enough, enough for International standard hotel, hehe.

So this is my experience in Bird of Paradise Land..



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