THR Juanda

Hello guys, good to see you again.

Last weekend, new month, welcome July, welcome 24, Oh -,-“

Okay, My first day in July I spent with my favourite soulmate, haha, Yatta Ami-chan. She is one of my friend. She and I went to Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Juanda, Dago Pakar. Well, actually, that wasn’t our first trip together. Because, we did our field work together at WTP Dago Pakar, next to THR Juanda for one month.

But, this time, we need to move our body, which is lazy bum. So we took a walk together. After we bought tickets, we headed to the center place of THR. You could see Juanda Statue and play ground for children. And next to it, there is a field, where you can see a group of old women who was doing aerobic dance. Haha.

Then, we took a path where we could reach Maribaya by walk, through Holland cave. There are two caves in THR Juanda, Japanesse Cave and Holland Cave. But we chose the Holland cave, because the two of us didn’t bring a flash light, though we can rent it. But, we didn’t. And if you want to see Japanesse cave you have to walk down the stair, and we thought , we will get tired. Haha. So we chose Holland cave. 


After we walked through the darkness of Holland cave, well actually you can see the edge of the cave from the front gate. So, we walked without flashlight, Haha, but okay, that was still dark. Walking by instinct.

Then we walked until we met Koleang waterfall. Wuoo.. there was a big landslide on the road. And you can see pure water flow from the cliff above us. And there is part of the cliff, where you can hear the sound of waterfall under the cliff. It was so cool, the fresh air, the smell of tree, but the landslide and the slick road, that wasn’t cool. Haha

Okay, after we reach 2 km, we headed back. We stopped by the front of Holland cave, and we bought the roasted corn. And we sat on the bench while we was waiting the corn. Okay, there’s no coincidence in this world, every single thing has a reason. We met two old man, I think about 40 years old. The one of them asked us, ‘where we come from?’ etc. Then, he talked a lot about things. He asked where we studied, what we are doing now.


He is a doctoral student at Germany. He takes human behavior as his dissertation. He studied about philosophy, mysticism, all the religion in the world. He is moslem. He said, a human has to remember his God in the heart, don’t ever forget it for a second. He said, about how to lock “dzikrullah” (remembering Allah) with every single breath. He also said, his sixth sense started to build. He could feel another energy beside human being and he could see aoura from human being. From that thing, he could guess what is his personality.

He learnt about black energy and perhaps black art. Wuooo… And he also said, if the person who learn this  subject doesn’t have faith, he could turn to be Atheis. He went to Banten to learn about magic, went to Pakistan, and other countries to learn magic, philosophy, and some such.

He even said, there is something will happen in 2015. It made me curious even more. Haha. But he didn’t say anything when I asked any further. But in the end, he said, please keep Allah in your heart. Don’t ever forget Him! and he paid our roasted corn. He left us with so many questions hang in our mind.

Okay it was the story our trip to THR. But he told me about my personality, which are true, perfectionist, moody, caring others, less confidence when I am alone, but always the best when I have supporter hehe, and many things about me.


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