Ujung Timur Indonesia

Papua from above :)

Alhamdulillah, there is no better saying than this. Haha. Though a bit reluctant to go. But in the end, I went to Papua.

It takes 5,5 hours on the aircraft from Jakarta to Jayapura, Papua. But we took night flight, so I couldn’t feel the long time. We took off from Soetta at 10.30 pm on July 1st and we landed at Sentani on july 2nd, 6.30 am. Hmm.. different fresh air. Haha

The driver picked me up at airport and escorted me to Hotel. After I did and prepared the things, we headed to Jayapura. It took 1 hour from Sentani Regency to Jayapura City. On the road, you could see Sentani Lake. The first time, I thought it was estuarie, but the driver said it was Lake. Hoo.. So this is Sentani Lake. I just heard it from Geographical book of Indonesia.

After 1 hour ride the car, we reached at Public Works Office at Jayapura City. Then I finished my job  before prayer time. We had our lunch with fried fish. And we visited local Batik shop there. I bought 3 meters of Batik Papua. I was planning  to use it for my room, though I don’t know, that Batik for, but I think I can use it for bed cover, curtain, or even for skirt. Hehe 

After we looked for Batik, I asked the driver that I want to see Honai, house of Papua. And then we went to Honai. Ahaha.. Papua has been developed. So you can see newcomer from other ethnic groups, such as Bugis, Java, Madura, Manado. The indigenous people of Papua mostly live at Wamena Regency, build their barrier into others. Some people still wear their ethnic clothes, when we say Papua, the first thing you will remember is Coteca. Hahaha.. And my driver said that, they more impudent than Papua people in other regency/city.

Honai, Traditional House of Papua
When I visited Jayapura that day, the newcomers will held a demonstration. Asking the government who is original from Papua about their comrades (I chose this word) who has been killed insolently. The victims was a moslem from Bugis. He was killed by 7 people from Wamena, who was drinking. Astaghfirullah.

Oke, some facts from the people who has been lived for 30 years as a transmigrator here that the Papua people is lazy, what they know is ‘they look for money in the noon, and they spent their money in the night for drinking, free sex, etc’. just remembered there is a place between Sentani and Jayapura, I saw banner written with this “Kawasan 100% Wajib Kondom” (Area 100 % Must Wear Condom ). But I didn’t take the picture because I was in hurry. Hehe. But Oh my God.. Astaghfirullah.

When I looked carefully into it, well yeah. I think it was true, from my analysis, the original people from Papua mostly poorer than the newcomers, well If I look from their homes and their business. Haha, but I think not all, just part of them perhaps. But No Offense. Because one of my friend at college is from Papua, and he smart enough. Hehe.

Traditional Hat of PapuaThen, after I went to Beach well-known as Base-G and took some pictures of me. Hehe. I headed to souvenir shop of Papua. I asked about hat, and I saw an ethnic hat of Papua made from Bird of Paradise’s feather (Burung Cenderawasih) and cockle shells. Guess how much it cost??? 1,5 million rupiah. Wow kk Wow. I saw some souvenir such as key chains, necklace, bracelet, wood statute, hand bag, typical bag of Papua called by  Noken from woods skin, painting from woods skin, and many more.

After that, I headed back to Hotel, packed my things, and got some sleep..

See you at Merauke..


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