Raflessia Land

My 2nd Ramadhan, fiuhh.. different from my others Ramadhan. I went to Bengkulu, okay, it was my 2nd time I went to Bengkulu, the home of Raflesia. Well, the owner got us to take care some bussiness over there all of a sudden. Hmm.. Actually, I planned to Palu that week, but that’s ok. So it was my second time, i visited this town. I spent 2 nights over there.

I finished my job too early in my first day, so I went to Kepahiang (read : Kepayang) Regency, in order to see Raflessia flower and the corpse flower. Well, to be honest, my body felt a bit sick these days. And the winding road for 1,5 hours, with an empty stomach. I felt dizzy and queasy sick, and felt that i want to eviscerate. That was awfull. It was my first time in this two years project, i got this experienced. I tried to close my eyes, but hahaha.. Oh my God. That’s really awfull. 


After 1,5 hours along those streets, we didnt find the flower. How pitiful I was. Hehe. And ready for the next 1,5 hours until we reach Bengkulu City. Subhanallah. This belly is really weak these days. Hmm.. My bad.. Then.. I arrived in Bengkulu at 5.20 pm. And I took some pictures of Pantai Panjang sunset. But it was cloudy (again), so we couldnt see the sunset. Hmm..

And, ifthar time.. We stopped at Traditional Restaurant of Bengkulu, along the Pantai Panjang beach. My friend told me to visit Marola, but that restaurant was closed until Saturday. Traditional food of Bengkulu almost the same with Traditional food of Padang. You know, about coconut milk food. But I never saw this kind of food anyway.. Haha.. Such as shark, young papaya (cooked like noodles), papaya flower, and another food..

After that, i had a chance to pray (Shalat Teraweh/ QiyamurRamadhan) at Masjid Agung At-Taqwa Bengkulu City. Met a new people, new culture, hehe. Experienced a different feel in this Ramadhan. Though I got sick. But Alhamdulillah, I’m still alive 🙂

So, please treat your body kindly. My teacher scolded me, because i got sick. -,-” . Hehe. Well, this is my bad habbit, whenever i face a problem, i always worked too much (workaholic), well in order to press the feeling i have about that problem. But, you, please don’t treat your body badly. Because you’ll get what you deserve, when you treat your body badly you’ll get sick easily.

My sister told me, ‘Sist, treat your body kindly, it is your mandate from Allah. So, Do you want to make Allah angry to you?’ Hehe. I had an illnes in my gastric, so. It always a bit hard if i eat late, feel dizzy, queasy, tremble… Hmm..

So, be healty inside and outside. Take care your personal things, especially in this Ramadhan, when the weather often suddenly changes.

Harus sehat ! Harus Kuat ! Karena kita tak tahu, masihkah kita berjumpa Ramadhan di tahun depan.. Think, this is our last Ramadhan. Use it wisely!



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