Super Woman

IMG-20130807-WA000Allahu Akbar !!

Really sooooo sad, Ramadhan left me just now. Wish I could see Ramadhan next year, Aamiin.. T.T

Here I am, writting the post about Super Woman. I just lied on my bed, after ‘almost 8 hours done mommy/woman things when Ied Mubarrak comes. Really so tired.

At first I think, it will be great to be a housewife, but you know what, that is really tiresome. Since I worked, actually i rarely did what woman do as a wife or a mother, such as cleaning the room, laundrying, cooking, ironing, etc. But yesterday, I did those kind of work, and thats really really make me tired. I felt like my body broken. Haha. Ya salaam.. Every day, my mom did all that things, well yeah, i did that things such as laundrying and cleaning, but i always did it when weekend. So i never felt like this before. Because you know, I always be a princess at home. Wkwkwk.. How ashame !

And today, I helped my mom with cooking in large scale, because the two of my sister in law had a baby which they cannot handle such a thing, because they was busy with their babies. So, i tried to help my mom, cooked some kinds of Ied Mubarrak food such as Ketupat, Opor Ayam, Tumis Kentang, Ulen, Tape, Gudeg Nangka, Kerupuk, etc. Started from the spices for the foods till the foods was ready to eat. 

I stood from 11 am to 7 pm in front of the gas stove, i just took a rest when prayer time. The garlic smelled all over my body. haha. Well, it wasn’t my first time i helped my mom, but I don’t know, perhaps because I did this on my own, I felt a bit tired. I enjoyed it though, but still my waist.. Ouch,,,

So, I am thinking that, my mom and perhaps all the mother in the world is a Super Woman, indeed ! If you don’t have khadimat (housewife attendant), and you have to do all the works at home, it is really tired. Really. Even if you enjoy doing it, but still your body will feel tired. So, really thanks to my mom who always keep the house kindly. Haha.. Even though she is getting older, but she still do her best to be a housewife. Oh Mama,, sorry for everything.. My Superwoman, my lovely mom. Proud to be your daughter, and I hope I can be someone like you later.. Amiin..

So, I say ” Minal aidzin wal faidizin, Happy Ied Mubarak 1434 H Everyone”…



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