One Precious Thing

Doughnut-20130813-00783Hi everyone….. Have a nice day and a nice breakfast. Today i had a glass of carrot juice, because you know my eyes sore lately, perhaps because the pollution and light, and honey doughnut. I bought honey doughnut when I visited my teacher residence yesterday. You know in Bandung you can find Donat Madu at Cihanjuang street West Bandung Regency, and their branch at Cikutra Street Bandung City.

And the taste, it was good and soft, with a variety of flavours. I bought three doughnuts, Banana jam, Almond Chocolatte, and Mocachino. But i did ate the Banana jam yesterday, after I got back from the Train Station of Bandung. You won’t regret it to buy some. Trust me 😉

But now, i wouldn’t tell you about that foods, haha. See the title right? So, yesterday I visited my teacher’s residence with my sister. Well because the others still in “Mudik moment”. So just two of us visited her. After we talked some things, asked how was our life, ah yeah, i think mostly we talked about woman things. Hehe. About mommy, children behaviour, education, husband, family, foods etc. We went home, and because i was going to Train Station so i took the same public cars with my sister.

And we talked while we were walking on the way. She said, “I have to enjoy moments like this,because i think you’ll leave me this year”.

I answered her spontaneously, “No, no, you’ll leave me first I think, because i think, I will, but not this year, even if this year, perhaps I choose to stay at Bandung (Allahu a’lam anyway)”.

“But,it will be different even though you are at Bandung”

“Hei, Don’t you think it is the same as now? I mean, I was busy enough these days, as you know, when I had to go somewhere in the hinterland of Indonesia” I said it, chuckled.

“But still, always different, when one of us have a new family, your time will be spent with your husband and your family, like the one of my sister”

“Ah,, well it is true”

And our conversation “truncated” when we saw Donat Madu, and we bought it. hehe

Indeed, it won’t be the same like the old times when we used to spend time together. I had so much trouble when my brother married to his wife. I was so happy to hear that, yet I felt jealous, scared, mad, and sad. I couldn’t deny it to myself. Because, he left me, i lost someone who always fight with me at home, or even I asked him anything, like he is my father. But I thought it was an immature feeling of me, 10 years ago.

But a while ago, my sister got married. And I got the same feeling of scared, a bit of jealous, and sad. Because, I lost one of best sister. The others said, no inshaAllah, I’m always by your side. But haha it is hard for sure. Just admit it, it won’t be the same.

It doens’t mean, I am not happy for them. No, I am really happy, because they find their prince charming. Haha. But still.. Feeling of losing something precious is really something. Hehe

I missed the old days..

When we walked together,,

When we smiled and talked..

When we ate together.. drank at the same bottle..

When we learn together about anything..

I missed the old days and moments..

I will miss it, always..

And it doesnt mean, please don’t leave me alone, just stay by my side, or even worse don’t marry. No. No. No. Of course not. I will be happy to hear a good news from you sist. It is just a slight feeling of some people who have the same feeling with mine. I think, this feeling arise because of a close relationship between us. Right?

I wish, i want to be the same as the old times. Or perhaps it won’t be the same anymore as we used to be. But the bonds between us won’t change. Aamiin.

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