Crossed the Alas strait

IMG_0077Hi everyone, feel really long time i didn’t write. So here i am, writting my report about my travelling. That was my second time I visited Lombok. But never this excited you know. I must be really excited until i forgot to take lunch. Haha. It was so excited moment of this year.

The first thing is my flight was cancelled on that schedule, and the aircraft agent didn’t tell me about their cancellation on the schedule i took until i was there at Soetta airport. How irritating you know. I was in foul mood that day. Haha. That was really annoying, i had to wait for 4 hours. Thanks for the inconvenience, Mr. Lion !

And the stupid I am, i sent the wrong message. I was planning to send my message to my driver at Lombok about the delay. But, i sent it to my colleague. How stupid I was. Haha. So i made the driver wait for me for 5 hours at BIL. Haha.

Then after i landed at Lombok, I headed to Mataram City, because BIL located at Praya, Central Lombok Regency. Before I met my colleague at public works office, i took my lunch at Rumah Makan 2EM. I ordered Ayam Taliwang, the most famous dishes at Nusa Tenggara Barat. But the taste was not that good, perhaps I lost my appetite. Haha. Then I headed to public works office afterward.

Then……, then second thing is aboard the sea.

This was my story “my first experience aboard the sea”. Wow wow wow. Feeling worry a bit. I took the night schedule from Kayangan port to Pototano port at West Sumbawa. And it was full moon on that day, so the sea wave was high. I could feel the wave. When I saw out of the window it was dark. East Lombok to West Sumbawa could be reached by ship within less than 2 hours.

Alhamdulillah.. I had a safe trip.. Hehe.. After I done with my job at Sumbawa, i headed back to Lombok. And, It was so cool. I mean, aboard the sea at noon. Because you can look around the blue sky, blue sea, green hills and mountains around the Alas strait. So here are my photos I took from the ship. I didn’t edit the picture, so it was the real picture from my camera. 🙂

Kayangan Port East Lombok

Kayangan Port East Lombok

Alas Strait

Alas Strait that separates Lombok Island and Sumbawa Island


The lighthouse at Pototano Port

Small land at Kayangan Port

Small land at Kayangan Port

And this is the thing I want to see closer at Lombok Island, but I just don’t have the time yet. I wish I could go to Rinjani Mount. Amiin..

Rinjani mount from Alas strait....

Rinjani mount from Alas strait….

So, finally i had an experience aboard the sea from one place to another. Hehe… It was really good to see the blue sea, blue sky, the wind blows my veil, heard the sound of the wave. Allah indeed is the best Creature in the universe. Which then, the favors of your Lord will (both of) you deny?


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