Living in Paradise Part 1

For everlasting romance memories in Paradise…
Don’t know what kind of word to express this feeling.
The feeling is indescribable.
Hearing the sound of the beach.
Looking the blue sea and sky..Walking on the soft sand..

Okay, stop talking romantic things. Haha. The beautiful Saturday in August 2013. Hi, readers, I am going to tell you about my trip last weekend. Still the same things about Lombok. But I won’t tell about the ferry. Hehe

IMG_0117So, first place i visited was Pura Batu Bolong. As we know, Pura Batu Bolong is a temple for Hindu people. It is located above the Senggigi Beach, which has a hole in the middle of the rock, as my driver said. I think  this Hindu sacred site reminds us about Pura Tanah Lot in Bali. The visitor who enters the Pura must wear a yellow shawl in the waist, because Pura is a religious place so the visitor has to keep their manner as well.

I didn’t enter the gate though i was so curious what the Pura looks like. I saw a banner infront of the gate about warning ‘A woman is banned to enter the Pura during menstruation’. How sad… Ohhh!

I mean, i just can enter the gate, because I am a Muslim and have no belief in their belief, but still i feel bad if i don’t respect them. Soooo i just took the gate picture. Huhu. Maybe next time, if i get the chance to visit this island. Aameen Ya Rabb.


And the second Place is Senggigi Beach. This beach is very famous in West Lombok. The white sand, blue sky, turquoise and blue beach are the best composition I ever seen in my life. I saw many tourist sunbathing, the children were playing the water, and made a palace from the sand. Saw a family enjoyed their vacation. I hope to be on vacation with my family too, someday. Hehe. So here is the photo i took.

Walking alone on the warm sand and feel the breeze at Senggigi Beach

Walking alone on the warm sand and feel the breeze at Senggigi Beach

The beautiful Senggigi Beach

The beautiful Senggigi Beach

The third place I visited is Krandangan Beach, this beach is located near the Senggigi Beach. I think about 10 km to the north from Senggigi. Krandangan Beach reminds me to Santolo Beach in South Garut, West Java. The billow, the coral reef along the beach, but I got good site for picture near Krandangan.

Krandangan Beach I

Krandangan Beach I

Krandangan beach is not as crowded as Senggigi Beach. Krandangan has three site, each site is separated by the wall. I saw the Krandangan Beach 2 through the small road between the coconut trees from Krandangan 1. If you like contemplate, this beach can be one of the alternative.

The coconut trees along the Krandangan beach

The coconut trees along the Krandangan beach

Here the best picture I ever took at Krandangan over the hill. Another great beach, Krandangan from above the hill..

Krandangan copy

The children are playing with their mom. Love it !

The children are playing with their mom. Love it !

So, there are my photos, taken at beaches in West Lombok Regency. A slight thought i had, it must be really amazing to be a photographer in a travel magazine or some such than being an engineer. Hehe. But still, i am so gratefull, i can be both “photographer engineer”. #tsaah maksa abis ya..

So, looking for honeymoon destination? Or just place for vacation? Don’t forget Lombok Island. I think the view of Lombok Island, especially the beach, is better than Bali Island.


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