Living in Paradise Part 2

Next place.. Beaches in Central Lombok Regency.. In this regency, I visited Tanjung Aan Beach and Kuta Lombok Beach. The beaches are as famous as Kuta Bali. But, still, this is more amazing than Kuta Bali. Hehe. You can reach Tanjung Aan by motorcycle and car, but the road is not that good. Perhaps the local government have to repair it.

Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Aan

The white sand, the turquoise and blue beach.. Oh my Rabb.. What an amazing things to see! If you stand in front of the beach, you will see the big stone likes a comodo far in the left side. You can reach it by walk or by car or scooter through the road to the next part of Tanjung Aan. And if you go up to the top of the rock, you will see this kind of view below.

Chrysant_Tanjung Aan

The tourist are playing on the beach…


And the last beach i visited is the famous Kuta Lombok. Oh, Rabb, it is really amazing !! I’m running out of words. Amazing. Marvelous. The real thing. Is that a paradise? If you think this wonderfull place such a paradise, and how is the paradise will be? The paradise where you can hear the sound of rivers flow. The place that no heart has ever perceived. Which then, the favors of your Lord will (both of) you deny?

Paradise at Kuta Lombok

Paradise at Kuta Lombok

What an amazing turquoise beach and coral reef.....

What an amazing turquoise beach and coral reef…..

The children are playing with the wave..

The children are playing with the wave..

I took a walk, along the beach. So many people were lying on the beach, half naked. Haha. I mean those foreign tourists. I wore my dark blue blouse and veil, with the light blue skirt jeans. My veil is quite wide, I wore my socks, and liltle backpack. I was the strangers among them. Haha. Perhaps they thought, are you lose your mind? But, i don’t care. Why do I have to care?? haha

At that moment i felt, many eyes were starring at me. Haha.

“Hei, Miss, why on earth do you wear such a dress? This is beach. Don’t you feel hot in such a dress?”

“Well, actually, I do feel hot, and sweat a little. But it is my pride dress. So, I enjoy wearing it. Thanks for your care.” I grinned.

There were teenager boys who were playing soccer. When I passed them, one of them say ‘Ibu, Hajjah, Assalamu’alaykum’.

“Wa’alaykumussalam” I answered him.

I didn’t know whether they teased me or anything. But it was so funny back then. One boy approached me and said “Would you like to take our picture, hei?”

I can’t hide, I was laughing to see them. So, I stopped to capture them.

Hei Miss, take my pic please !

Hei Miss, take my pic please !

After i took that picture, I walked to the reef. When I was there, I saw a couple who was capturing one of them. Briefly thinking was approaching my mind. Could I do the same as them? Haha. Maybe yes, maybe not. I sat for while on the black rock. Feel the shore wind.. looking so far far away to the line on the sea. Oh, God I am so little in front of you. I am nothing compare to Your Greatness.

Excuse me, Miss. Would you mind taking our picture please?” a bass sound woke me from my reverie. Haha.

“Oh, of course. The camera please, Sir.”

I took some picture of them. It was so fun, I told them to take some photographed style. Feeling to be a real photographer anyway. Haha. That was really fun.

In this beach (mostly the beach everywhere), we can buy a coconut ice. Feel the freshness in the heat of the sun. Enjoy the romantic things we could do together. 😉

And the last, save the memories into the heart and mind. When I sat on the sand, alone, those reverie came. The sound of the sea enhanced the melancholic moment at that time. Indeed, for everlasting romance in Paradise. The beautiful Lombok is truly amazing. 😉


IMG_0303 copy


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