Pandegiling Suroboyo

Antique Building capture from Santika Hotel :)

Antique Building capture from Santika Hotel 9th floor 🙂

Surabaya, one of the big city in Java Island, well known as Hero City (Kota Pahlawan). I had a chance to visit this city last weekend. But, because my schedule was so tight, i didn’t have time to explore this city. I was just stay for 3 days at hotel. Huhu. So sad. But, it is okay, at least, i could step my feet at Surabaya, once in my life.

Tahu Tek

Tahu Tek, ehm.. It will remind you of Gado-gado and Lotek :-p

The first time i saw Surabaya, when we passed through the city center, I saw many heritage buildings when Indonesia was being colonized by Netherlands and it is still kept by the people here. I saw many houses from Netherlands style.

First day, I spent the time with packing seminar kit at my room. Oh, God, my room was sooooo awfully in a mess. Cardboard, paper, printer, projector, bag, etc. At night, my Boss bought us a cullinaire of Surabaya, you know, Tahu Tek? Made from tofu, fried potato, bean sprouts, and eggs doused by peanut sauce, and the kriuk thing “prawn crackers” (kerupuk udang). You can see in the picture.

Alhamdulillah, the taste was quite delicious. Haha. Though, i didn’t eat that so much, because I was too full by eating the apple. Wkwk. Another typical food of East Java are Jubung, Lorjuk, Bandeng Presto, Keripik Apel, and Brem.  Jubung made from black rice sprinkled with sesame, it is like Dodol, soft and sweet. Lorjuk is kind of meal from fish. Bandeng presto or milkfish cooked in presto style. It iss a tasty dish and bones become soft and consumable for all ages without fear of needles stuck in your throat. Keripik Apel (Apple crackers) made from Malang Green Apple then fried.

After i packed the things for tomorrow workshop, I cleaned myself, and watched Aljazeera until 10 pm and waited for my room partner, then went to bed, peacefully. Haha

Second day, i got up at 4.30 pm. Prayed and read ma’tsurat. When I looked out the window, i saw the beautiful sunrise over the city and took some pictures of it. Looked the street was getting crowded from my room.

Sunrise at Surabaya-Pandegiling

Sunrise at Surabaya-Pandegiling



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