Snow always melts away

For the snow will surely melt..

One can always idealize someone else with emotion.

If I was the snow frozen in the dark, then it was the fresh and clear spring.

I fell in love as if it was inevitable.

I kept my distance from others, especially when I love that person.

For the first time in my life.. I felt as if I was forgiven for something, I felt as if I was saved.

Just as frozen snow melts away by the spring breeze..

The tears didn’t stop. I was in the dream..

I smiled as if tens of years worth of happiness had come at once.

Snow always melts away, always.. tumblr_ll5k3nxQND1qbuaw3o1_r2_500

Haha.. The monologue was so touching, though I don’t really know what it means, because he said it in Japanese. Okay, here I am. Reporting my travelling. This week, I spent  3 days at South East Sulawesi, what is so good in this travelling (read : monitoring) is I had stepped my feet at all Sulawesi province, except North Sulawesi, in just less than 2 years. Yeah, Alhamdulillah. Haha. So next time, North Sulawesi will be my destination, InshaAllah. Aamiin, Allahumma Aamiin.

Those days were the same days as always. Met some people at the government office, had a talk about waste management in that city/regency, checked the landfill construction and the existing landfill. Well yeah, tasted the culinary, enjoyed the landscape of the earth along the road, mountains, beaches, ports, markets, and so on. And stayed alive in those days. Haha. Feeling that my body won’t compromise these days. My arms ached, my neck, even worse my legs, I guessed there’s something happen in the vein in my legs. It hurts a lot, when you stand or walk. And the pain still stays in my legs, even now. I can’t even stand and pray properly. The legs can’t support my body while I stand. -_-“ Oh great! And in the neck below my ears, I felt that area swollen too, and my head aches.

And you know, whenever I got sick, I felt like, I wasted my healthy time with nothing. Because you can do nothing when you got sick. The more you feel hurt, the more you remember the death. But okay, perhaps I am too much to dramatize it. Haha..

I would like to tell you some jokes I got from my travelling with a colleague from Kendari. That joke remembered me about my childhood. When I think it now, Oh My God, it was so fool joke. Haha. But that was a great child to think about this kind of joke when a little.

Okay, first one, how can the elephant enter the refrigerator?

Some children will say, cut it into little pieces and then enter it to the refrigerator. Some children will say, it is impossible for elephant to enter the refrigerator, stupid. Haha. What do you think about it?

Okay second question, and how about the giraffe, can it enter the refrigerator too? Can it? As we know, the giraffe is the tallest animal on this planet, isn’t it?

Third question, is the cat can enter that refrigerator too? And how is the way? Think it carefully..

And long after that incident involving the elephant, giraffe, and the cat, the King of animal, You know what I mean, the Lion, invites all the animals in the earth, into a party. Ants, owls, birds, snakes, buffaloes, and the others attend its party. And tell, what animal who didn’t attend its party and why?

I thought all the possibilities answers, but my brain couldn’t reach it. Haha. So want to try to think it? Think that, this is a sport for the brain, sometimes we need to relax from all the worldly things.

The moment I heard the answer, I was laughing out loud, oh that’s totally genius. Wkwk. I never thought it before. Haha. So could you guess the answer?

Got the answer??

I will tell you in Bahasa then. Haha.

  1. Cara masukin gajah, ya tinggal masukin aja, wong kulkasnya segede Gajah. Haha. Beres kan?
  2. Nah, kalau si jerapah, gampang, nggak perlu dipotong-potong juga, jerapah kan lebih ramping di banding gajah, Jadi keluarin dulu si gajah dari kulkas. Terus, masukkan jerapah ke dalam kulkas nya. Masuk, kan?
  3. Kalau kucing, tinggal di masukkan aja ke kulkas bareng-bareng si jerapah. Kucing kan kurus, tinggal diselip-selipin aja. Beres deh.
  4. Terus, siapa yang nggak dateng ke pesta si Lion? Jawabannya si Jerapah sama si Kucing, wong nggak ada yang ngebukain kulkas. Mana bisa mereka buka dari dalam.

Those answers actually have no real answer, the answer depends on the one who asks the question. Istilahnya suka-suka gue. Haha. There are no true/false answers.


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