10 Things You Should Know About Marriage

Love It

Understand it, absorb it, and implement it..

Here I am. Getting work again, editing, analyzing, calculating, typing, ‘snack’ing.. Hahaha though, frankly guys, I am regretting  that I got to work today. My legs haven’t recovered yet, the cramps still last until now. Huhu. Healthy, healthy, come to my body, come on..

When I checked my tumblr, and… Yaa Salam, some posts from Islamic Thinking were soooo exciting.  I do not know why I write this down, these things just popped up on my tumblr from the blog I follow. But I found, these things have touched my ‘brain’ for a moment… So, this I present to you, the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be, what you should know about (read : before) marriage. It may be easier when we read it, but how about the implementation? Is that as easy as we read it? So, this is it, 10 recipe to build long lasting marriage :-D. Understand it, absorb it, and implement it..

  1. It’s from the inadequacy of a person to be concerned only with personal gratification & satisfaction.
  2. Do you suffer from face-addiction? Or do you seek beauty in the imperfections of a person?
  3. You may know what you are looking for in a partner, but are you aware of what YOU have to offer?
  4. Allah likens spouses to a garment, thus know & understand it consists of imperfections.
  5. Men & Women are different: understand this for effective communication & know the differences to cohabit.
  6. Marriage is a partnership not a competition between two people: it should establish an equilibrium.
  7. Falling in love is easy, sustaining that requires effort & for it to be coupled with mercy.
  8. We marry to create a comfortable space for individual & collective growth both emotionally & spiritually.
  9. Too often we forget that marriage is a union between two personalities, not a correctional institution.
  10. Finding a partner is only the very beginning, sustaining the marriage is what defines it.



2 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Know About Marriage

  1. hohoho.. bener banget deh ceu, implementasinya syusyeehh.. bahkan buat ex-bride-to-be cem awa.. wkwkwk..
    tapi yang paling penting sih, bersyukur, and the rest will seem more precious.. 😀 😀

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