Exclusive Flight

STOP ! Don't leave us !!

STOP ! Don’t leave us !!

It was my last flight this year, days ago i came back from Makassar City to Jakarta. But it was such commotion, i can say that. Haha. The workshop just done 2 hours before the boarding time, and the most crucial thing was the distance between our hotel and the airport. So finally, we were late…… So annoying when I remember that moment. When I had to push the troley full of goods, suitcase, cardboard full of paper,, so many, and i had to do it ALONE. I was a bit upset, because we were nine, but they did nothing, because they were late. Haha. Plussss.. The aircraft agent has called us because we were so late for check-in, the boarding time was 4 pm, and we were just arrived at airport about 4 pm. *Laughing out loud*

Well it was my first time, all the crew member of the Airlines were guiding us until on board. They shouted at us, while we were laughing because it was funny anyway. We escorted with one bus in which just of us. Haha. Even I said, okay, ‘don’t look like we know each other’. pretended not to know. Hahaha.

I felt my face burnt, we run, down the stairs with so many hand bag. And, the moment when I boarded the aircraft, i felt like i was the center of those eyes. Hahaha. Too bad, my seat was really in the back of the aircraft, exactly next to toilet. Hmm.. Something smell, felt don’t want to eat anything though i was so hungry. But I did eat the bread. Along the flight I closed my face with my coat to chase the smell away.

Ya salaam.. My last flight with a NICE experience..


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