Nice December! Got out of my world for one day. Have you ever heard Papandayan Mount? It is located at Cisurupan Garut. I visited Garut several times, but that was my first time climbed the mount. So, I and friends visited the mount on December 25, 2013. Here is my story. You guys, to be honest I never expected I can make this travelling in my life, like the last plan to go to Solo, I had to cancel it. Haha. But well, this time we could make it!

I went to Garut by Bus from Cicaheum terminal. It took hmm, I think it was about 3-4 hours, because there was flooding at Rancaekek, and that day on Dec 24, 2013 was so crowded because the holiday time, I guessed. I arrived at Alun – Alun Tarogong, and my friend came down to pick us up. You know, she really kind to us, she even took us to stay at her home and her grandma’s home. Her families served us really kind, like their own families. Thanks so much, beib for everything.

We started at 5 am, after we got our breakfast (Thanks for the meal!), my father’s friend escorted us to Papandayan Mount. Like I said, the mount located in Cisurupan area, to reach the base of the mount you can take the opened car, some people say it ‘colt bak’, from Cisurupan traditional market. The cost is about IDR 15000 per person, from the car you can see the panorama and the view of the Garut City from the high place (eh.. Because the road is uphill, so you can enjoy the view). But fortunately, the road was far far far from good, too many roads that have been broken and made it a huge hole. Hehe.


We arrived at the base at 7 am. I saw many climbers and tents. At the base you can find the visitor office, 4-5 bungalows which you can find foods and drinks, and toilet. The first lesson, there is no toilet on the mountain. Haha. You do the toiletries things in nature. Haha. Oke. After we got ready with our preparation for our self, ha-ha. I think I did prepare nothing. Paid for the toll at the front gate, reported our departure, and got a letter visit.

Then.. There we went!


We were going to see the great creature from Allah.

To see, to feel, to enjoy, to think, to contemplate the great nature so called Mountain.

To believe, and more believe in Him. There is NO other God in this Universe except Allah swt.


Stratovolcano Papandayan Mount

Papandayan has got some beautiful sceneries, well, everything has their own unique, and so does Papandayan. We hiked the mount through the volcano area. Ah yeah, Papandayan is one of the stratovolcano Mount in Indonesia. The last eruption happened in 2002, and it made the crater bigger than before, so the active crater now just one. It was awesome! I visited the Tangkuban Perahu also two years ago, and saw the crater, it was like that, but the feeling was different. Haha I don’t know why.

You can enjoy the view of the crater, along the road on the volcanic stones. You can hear the bulb bulb bulb, the sound of the gas, and the white water contains sulphur came out from the earth in high temperature. But the smell, ehm.. it made my lungs full of sulphur haha. I didn’t like the smell, for crying out loud.

DSC03137After you put your best effort through the bad smell, you can see the green forest among the mount surrounding us. We hiked up and down the valley and hill. Walked on the root under the tree, felt like I was in the underworld somewhere wkwkwk. Walked on the river stones, “don’t get my sandals wet!” Haha. Said hello to the other climbers. Hay Hey Hi.. Punten, Hello bro.

Got time to rest for a bit and took some pictures. “Photographer obsession”. Haha. We reached the 1st post near the Bogger something (sorry don’t remember), and reported to the guard there. We met some people from our college as well. After we took time to rest about 15 minutes, drank and did eat Beng-Beng. We continued our journey to reach the summit of Papandayan.

And another under the tree ways, when you need to be careful yourself, saw your steps, saw the signs, or you’ll get lost under the tree. Haha. Ah yeah, don’t get dehydrated, drink enough. Don’t belittle the mountain!

After the long way uphill under the tree, we reached the Pondok Salada base camp. Yukatta ne! Yatta Yatta Yatta ! Banzai ! Alhamdulillah.

Pondok Salada, is the base for the camp. There you can see many climbers with their tools such as tents, nesting, foods, drinks, portable stove, and so on. It must be cool for staying here. Haha. Maybe. After we get time to rest (again) and took some picture of us (as always) we continued the journey to get Edelweiss Field.

DSC03174But poor us, the way we have taken was extreme, but not that extreme, I can climb it, of course after I tied my skirt. The way we have taken was through the stones way. Don’t ever forget, see your steps! Hold the right one! Or you’ll fall. To be honest it was more exhausted than before. Haha. But it was worth to climb it. Look over there! Maasha Allah. Great! We took time to take pictures, and eat some snacks we brought, to reduce the load from our bags. After we done with those stones, we reached the edelweiss field. We were so excited. And after we passed it, we took a rest (again) and ate all the foods we’ve got. Haha. And enjoyed the view.

It was about 10 am or more, so we thought that we reached the summit. But then again. We must be mistaken the spot of edelweiss field. Well, the truth is, the one we thought the field before was smaller than this field. And the place we stepped after that, was more excited. I thought you can take the picture, or made some India’s love movie over here. Hahahaha.


Pondok Seladah

The sky was so blue, with the white clouds. Lucky me, it was a sunny day! If it was rainy, well probably I never get the summit. MaashaAllah. Great!!

The colours of the leaves, red, sand, yellow, green.. The smells of the forest.. Hmmm.. Nice.. Cool.. Lovely!


Edelweiss Field

Then.. Next place! The death Forest. After we enjoyed the view of the summit (it is about 2500m above sea level), we came down the hill until we reached the Death Forest. It was sooo cool. The death branch left by the leaves.. Awesome! Amazing! Nice place for wedding’s photo. Haha

The Death Forest

The Death Forest




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