Today, i saw my doctor, well to see wheter she is healthy or not haha.. Though she is an old woman, but she is quite healthy in her age. The truth, there was no plan to see her, but because i read too many diseases, TIA, SAS, Hyper Eosinofil Syndrom, esophageal cancer, criptoccocis, alien hand syndrome, cerebral enchaplopathy, and others (i can’t remember it very clear). But it rose my courage to ask some question about these diseases, hahaha.. I was just too curious about myself, and sometime i exaggerate the change on my body (ah not me, those people said this and that).

I told there was bump under my lower jaw in the right and left side. I thought it was because i was too tired so. But she said, “nah, you always take it slightly, if you let it for more than a month, it will harm your brain as well”. It is not harm though, however if your immune deteriorate (why should i choose this word?) it can injure your brain. I wasn’t shocked, i laughed instead. Don’t know what for. 

Then, i have to take 3 pills 3 times a day. How long? ah. don’t even ask. I hate to take it, even just for one day. But, i have so much to do until i reach my dream. Until the day, so should be strong right?! Yeah.. Those things won’t ever get me down. I dream i have a long life and travelling to some interesting places for me. So, be brave! Don’t let a single thing or person get you down. Throw away everything that always make you unhappy, bad mood, and sad. Yuhuuu.. (throw all the papers in front of me, i am thinking, i will refuse your offer sir, because, i don’t want to waste my time with those bunch sweet words of yours, i want to enjoy my short time with “no stress, no tired”). I don’t need your money, if i have to lose my time for myself. Did I do some works for this? No, not at all.


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