Remarkable Prayer in 2014

You know, i really like the phrase “Defying Gravity”, i heard that song, sung by Idina Menzel. It really makes me thinking, “Trying Different Habbit or Hobby or even Activities”. Well, it doesn’t work at all. Haha.

But two days ago, my friends sent me a message, well the content was almost the same, but my eyes caught on something different from one of my friends, she said “Semoga kantornya ga jahat nyuruh lembur terusss.. Semoga makin di sayang Allah.. :-)”. When I opened eyes in the morning and read that message, I laughed loudly. And I said “Aamiin so loudly deep in my Heart”. Nice prayer from Ranaaa.. *hug*.. Hahaha.. I thought you will give me golden retriever, wkwkwk

I think sometime, you need something different to make you feel really alive. I am in the frustating state, that even my brain doesn’t work properly. It likes a computer when you use it 24 hours in 7 days. Same as my daily life. I want to do something different, different from my daily activities. Once i said “I wanna dissapear for a while from the world”. The others just say, “Just Face It”, “Be strong” and kind of those same statement. To be honest, it’s kind of irritating when someone said about the things you know it very well. If you think I just run away from my life, you sadly mistaken. Do you think, i didn’t face it? You know, I did. I did until i felt like a zombie.

Sometime the truth is, i just wanna talk what I felt, I don’t need an explanation from my question, I don’t need an advice, i don’t need it all. Just sit and be a good listener, that’s all what I need.


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