Miss Shorty

After waiting for a little while for Miss Busy, I had a chance to chat with her. One word for her ‘Impressive’. She is quite young in her early twenty, we have 7 years gap, of course I am older than her. When she told me that she couldn’t speak in english, I knew that she lied to me, I mean, english is not my mother tongue as well, so for the first time i talked to her she is good enough in passive english, though there is a little mess in grammar, but it doesn’t matter, since i understand what she was trying to talk. Hehe.

She is shy sometimes, but smart enough to argue with me about Islamic things especially. That’s why I always enjoyed to chat with her. The funny thing when I talked to her is about the height. She said “well I know I am shorty, I am just 157 cm”. Once I called her “Hei, Little Miss, how are you?”. She mad at me and said ‘Hei, old man, I am not that little and tiny’. I just laughed, and said “Oh I am sorry Miss, but in my country you will be the shortest person, Do you know how tall am I? 187 cm”. And she laughed too.

I was so concern about her physical because she is  too skinny for her age. But she just laughed, and she told me that, “It won’t work, even though I love to eat “. I told her that she needs some milks, which is her favourite drink, and invite her to come to my country so I can treat her fresh milk from the farm.

She asked me  how the bacon taste is. I told her, “bacon is the best and my favourite food, it’s little chewy and oily, but I’ve already stopped eat them since I am a moslem. So I forgot how the taste now. And I’d like to drink beer, wine, and alcoholic, well it’s truth can warm you up in the cold, but also can mess your thought in the same time, so I won’t recommend you to have those things”.

“Ah that’s why, you are fat, hehehe” she said it innocently.

Hei, did I tell you that I was so fat back in the days? I was 100 kg you know. It was my bad day. But now I am just 87 kg, but don’t worry i don’t have courage of being skinny as you are. Hehe. I always play soccer with my friends, and I managed my foods.

I told her that I like “sateh ajam”, nasi goreng, and kroepoek. That’s my favourite food. But she just laughed, and said “how come?I’ll treat you when you have chance to visit my country, i’ll treat you to all delicious street foods”

I am happy to talked with her in some important and even not important things. And I am enjoyed to talked with her for hours. Hope I could see her in real.



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