My Skincare Graveyard

I read some articles about that title on female daily forum, I never thought about those women things until i found some friends and got knowledge about them. Haha. I was so ignorant about myself back in the days, especially when it comes to my appearance (*read face). I started to use kind of cosmetics since I was in junior high school, there was a promo from Biore, so all the students in my school got one sample of facial wash. But I rarely used it, because I thought, better I use my money for “snack” haha.

So until my high school, I was still ignorant. Then I started to used Pond’s product for my face, but it irritated my face. My face became red and itchy, over oliy in T-zone, and really dry in other zone. Then I changed my product to Sariayu and Mustika Ratu. Tried to wear facial wash, scrub (for face and body), every week I used mask, even peeling. Haha. Or some times i used the white egg, and put in on my face, until it dries. Because my face is soo oily, it looks shiny on my T- zone. But it didn’t improve at all. Acne sometimes comes along, particularly in my period. haha

Then, after I entered university, I changed the product to Wardah, an islamic brand product. But so far, my face really looks like “gorengan”, large pore, uneven pigmentation, small acne on my forehead, my nose, my face got red whenever I faced the sun.

And then, after I graduated, i met with my friends (well, they are my college friends), she said i have a sensitive skin. She recommended a skin care clinic, you know, the famous one “Natasha skin care”. i used that for one year. My face is quite good, the acne went away, but the oil keep coming haha and my skin getting thin, you can see the spider vein in my cheek. Haha. So I stopped!

Then another friend, told me to try the Bodyshop product, So I tried to use Seaweed product (facial wash, toner, day and night cream). How much it cost? don’t even ask! :)) The cheapest one is my facial wash about 119K. Because my job is field trip, so I considered to wear UV protector, and I bought the UV White Shisho the most expensive among my product. Haha. Oh my God. I thought maybe I lost my brain somewhere.

But the outcome, really inconvenient! Hiks hiks.. I can get rid of the oily face but my face is getting dry, molting. Haha. so I stopped that too. I didn’t wear any of skin care product after that except the baby cream from Johnson. But my face still in dryness condition. So a couple of days ago, I tried to use some product from Viva, it costs10K, you got cleanser and toner. And it helps me to get rid the dryness.

Ah iya, I used the Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream from Bodyshop. It keeps the skin in balance condition.

Skincare is about trial and error. It doesn’t work for some people, but doesn’t mean it won’t work for some people. You need to know the actual condition of your skin before deciding to use any skin care product.


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