Love doesn’t ask why. It speaks from the heart and never explains. Don’t you know that love doesn’t think twice? It can come all at once or whisper from a distance. Don’t ask me if this feeling’s right or wrong. It doesn’t have to make much sense. It just has to be this strong. ‘Cause when you are in my arms. I understand. We don’t try to have a voice. When our hearts make a choices. There’s no plan. It’s in our hands.

Now I can’t feel what you’re afraid to say. If you give your soul to me. Will you give too much away? We can’t let this moment pass us by. Can’t question this chance. Or expect any answers. We can try. But you know, love doesn’t ask why.

“At the moment I was tempted” 

“Ohoh.. The first time I heard that from you, B.” 

“Well, but it is far too soon to think it that way, Ra. He is single and so am I. He is looking for the wife, and me too. Some times we talked in similar term. But, I don’t know, there are so many differences between us”

Aira just smiled and giggled when she heard me that. 

“You know B, he looked so interested in you, from the way you were talking. hehe. I meant, when he chatted with me, he never told me his secret like he did to you. Haha. So i think, maybe he wants to know you more. And I’m sure you are interested in him too, am i wrong?”

“Haha, I told you, i was a bit tempted and interested in him. But still, I’m not sure and I’m not confident in myself.”

“Oh, come on, you’re really great, you are smart, care for others eventhough you gain nothing from them”

“Well, really? I have nothing you know”



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