Its You Again

How could I live in this situation? I think all the time that I want to live a happy life without other party to take on the role of my life. I had so much trouble in my life, I want to do this and that, but as always i have to put aside all those dreams. What the feeling? Could you feel the same as I am? When you need or you had to please the others but you always throw away your happiness. Is that the right way to do? I don’t know, but I had the habbit for a long time ago, to put aside what you want over the others want. Even if I got so much effort to please the others without I care about my own feelings. Then, what did I get? The body showed so much trouble, the bruises, the headache, the fake smile, uncontrollable emotion, puppy eyes, etc.

Right from the moment, you appeared like the Prince to protect the Princess from those witches, and you told me “well, you know laziness is the start for improvement. if you always wanna work, you never think of more efficient ways, haha. how is your faith?”

Thanks for cheered me up Bro, i couldn’t expect you to come to my life. That is the diference between you and the others, you always talk to me in simple way that hypnotized my life. And you said ”  I hope you can regain your faith. It’s more important than a happy Boss, but I don’t have to tell you that. It’s like saying to someone, ‘be more confident’, it is not a switch you can turn on”

I missed to your talking about the western and the eastern, about the Islamic world, about the dreams that you can take it, not about you should do this you should do that, not about worldly material things, not about the fancy cars, etc.

I couldn’t deny to myself, that i found a simple thing just to talk with you, a really simple things that doesn’t look matters. Simple is you can do what you want and you do the things without hurt the other feelings. Simple life is you live with someone who always remind you to turn to Allah in your happy or sad moments.

So should I continue this ? Should I?


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