What is “love”?


Just watched an indian movie. The actress asked the main actor “what is love?”. The main actor said (more and less)”i dont know what love is”. And she said “love is a painfull feeling, lucky you that you have not been fell in love”.

Suddenly i remember a friend asked me about marriage (im telling you this like a pro huh? Well i’m trying myself, anyway). Marriage is not the world full of love, oh please, it is not. Well the first time, it is, but then you can try by yourself. I dont mean to scare you or anything, i just tell you the realty. Like a life, it always has a good and bad side, right? So marriage does. But then again, it is all about a test of how grateful you are to His gift.

Well, i want to prove it myself. What kind of feeling when you’re already married. I used to think that when i get married :
1. I will always have someone by my side all day (but, you can’t have it in your long distance relationship)
2. I have someone who will always invite you to pray together and other things to strengten your faith
3. I will have someone who look after you everyday, cheer you up in your bad day, find you in your hiding place of your sadness,, (hahaha too much like in the drama)
4. I will have a new parents who look after me like their own daughter (is it too much?)

Remember, don’t hope anything too much from a human, because you will get dissapointed.

And, it doesn’t turn out like i used to think, because everybody has certain situation and condition that they can’t help with it. But i enjoy myself anyway, don’t worry (live a lonely life, i’m getting used to it). My best friend even told me, “it seems you enjoy yourself, nothing is different even after you married”. And i laughed, you got me right, dear.

So, it is not just about love, like tv drama, there will be always a litle stone that mess up your way. It is not always have a full bright colour but the dark colour also in it.

Marriage is teaching you to understand each other feelings and differences. It teaches you to be a mature person. Teaches you to hide your feeling such as sadness or madness (?). Teaches you to give all you have, to give what your partner needs.

Some days you will be very happy with your little family, but one day you won’t. It happens to all couples, a new or an old one. Think that it is a test for you to be a better one.  So when you find no love in your marriage, then make one love by grateful to your partner existence in your life.

Marriage is like a rose, it is beautiful with such color, pink, red, white, even yellow, but dont forget it has thorns. What i am trying to say, marriage is not just a happy life but it has also sadness, madness, jealousy, sometime you argue with your partner even with a small thing. I just don’t want people think marriage always make you have a happy life, if you have such thought you need to change your way of think, because like i said above, its not just about happy and wonderful life..

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