What is “missing”?

It’s almost half a year. Perhaps we are too busy. And i start to miss the moment i talked about everything. And i enjoyed  it.

Well, yesterday my newly wedd friend asked me about “what to do after you got married to someone?”

And, that was the same question i asked myself a couple of month ago. It was the slightly decision i made in my entire life. A bit regret as i always got after i decided on something. But, it’s okay, times will heal it.

So back to the topic. I told her, perhaps you two have to have a moment together, started with talking about your families, what kind of family you have, the culture, habbit, hobbies, character of each of your family’s member.

Another simple  thing you should think is where will the two of you live? Considering your actual situation and both of your parents willingness. Some parents will be very demanding and a bit “intimidating” in their behave. Especially when you married to only child in the family. His/her parents will be very please if you live with them.

And yeah, i knew the feeling when you face that kind of people, it thanks to my job that i met some people with kind of character. So tired, you know.
So, please communicate with them properly. But lucky for you, the extrovert one, you can talk anything freely, and put aside the “feeling”, so whenever you face them, and you got hurt, you can stay calm and cheerful, like nothing happens. Haha

Okay, next. You can start to talk about finance, if the two of you work. How should you manage the finance?

And then, please have a time together and talk about your future planning, your dream and his/her dream. It is grateful if you have a time for you two, even after you have a child.

So these were my chit chat with her, hope she could have a good life in her new role.. aamiin


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