Story of Miss K Birth

Amazing bonding power between a baby and a mother, I could tell it, it was lovely amazing! Me and K, my precious one in my life now. Two weeks before labour, I told my baby “Dedong, please come after we meet Gillian for the last time”. Then on 7th April, day before my labour date, it was my last check up with my Midwife. That day was a week before my due date on April, 14th 2016. My midwife told me that if on 14th April there is no sign of labour, I need to do induction and many procedures to make my baby born before 41 weeks. It sounded uhmm scary, haha. So I told K, “please be born before or on 14 th April”. And she was amazingly cooperative with me. She was born on 8th April 2016, 7.45 pm at Leeds General Infirmary, Clarendon Wing.

We went through a lot of stressful when we were waiting for the baby all day. My water broke around 2 am and you know, i was panicked back then, i tried to wake up my husband, but you know, jeez he didn’t get it, and got back to sleep. “Oh,please!” hahaha. After my husband got her mind back after sleep, wkwk, we rushed to call the hospital, and went there. And then the midwife check on me, whether i have the contractionS yet, is there any bleeding, she checked on my pulse and the baby’s and asked how is my feeling?

then,, after spent around 20 minutes in the ward, the midwife said “you can go home, and wait until you have the contraction and sign of pinky blood, and you’re totally fine for now”. I was stunned for a moment, but well yeah, she sent us back home with smile. Haha. So, we were home! Starting to feel something pulled my skin and painful on the waist, it was worse than menstrual cramp, well mamas you got the feeling right?! But my husband insist on “you look fine!”. We checked on the contractions time, though it came every 5 minutes and there was a pink blood dot on the pads, my husband kept telling me that my face looks so fine like nothing happened. We went back to the hospital, again !

the first time i arrived the ward “why do you come here?”. “what do you think love?” i was a bit tired though, so i was just sitting and my husband told everything to the midwife in charge. We waited for her to do the paperwork for us then she just got me to lying down and the nurse came to applied the fetal heartbeat monitor, just to make sure the baby was fine. I didn’t need a long time to use that monitor, because Miss K was ready to come out. I felt i want to push out of nowhere, i didn’t know why, i just wanted to do that desperately. I told my husband ” I want to push this !!”. As you can guess, he just starred at me haha, didn’t know what to do. He went to get the midwife after i asked ” Get the midwife!!” She checked in my birth canal and told me “how could you survive that pain alone at home? congratulation you are ready for labour, i could reach the baby’s head”.

Along the hall to delivery room, every staff in the hospital, always smile and tell “fighting mum!”. I met two midwives and one student midwife who assisted our baby’s born. First midwife need to change the shift to the second midwife, named Karen. They was really helpful, kind, gently, and ready to comfort me from the pain. They helped me until Miss K born.

I still remember vividly her looks a minutes after born, her tiny body with long arms, legs, and her fingers. Red lips. It was really gorgeous. We did skin to skin contact, kissed her forehead, hugged her, saw her first crawling into my breast and suckling on my nipple for one hour until i need to leave her with her daddy for stitch. Then her adventure in the world begin!


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