When you tell me, that you love him !

loveWell yeah, how happy if we can marry someone we love, right? But, what you feel when someone you love, marry another person or even your own brothers or friends. This is not fairytale, this story happened more than 1001 years ago, when one of the Shahabah, Salman Al-Farisi was still alive. I am not lying, it is true that Salman Al-Farisi sacrificed his love for his brother.. So here we go the story, Enjoy !

Salman Al Farisi was a noble man from Persia, and as a Persian he was a Zoroastrianism (Majusi), but he didn’t feel comfort with his belief. Then he had inner turmoil to find the religion that can reassure him. Seeking of the religion brought him to Arabian Peninsula and finally he converted to Islam.

He was a hero with his brilliant idea to make a trench in order to protect Madinnah in Khandaq War. After Rasulullah passed away, He was sent to be a Governor in his land of birth, till he passed. Salman was close Shahabaa to Rasulullah, even in one history Rasulullah said, ‘Salman is our family”.

His time for marriage has came. There is an Anshar woman, a pious Muslimah, has taken place his heart. Of course not as a girlfriend, but a choice and increments that he felt right. A common sense choice. A sensibility and the holy spirit of increments.

But, yeah, he was a stranger here. I mean he actually wasn’t an Anshar man. Madinna wasn’t his land of birth. Madinnah wasn’t a place he grew up. Madinna has a custom, a sense of language, and miscellaneous wasn’t so familiar to him. He thought, proposing a local girl would be a complicated affair for a newcomer. There must be someone who is familiar to Madinah tradition, spoke about this for him. Then Salman said what he felt to his Anshar brother, Abu Darda’.

”Subhanallaah.. wal hamdulillaah..” answered Abu Darda’. They smiled so happy and hug each other. So, after the preparation was enough, the two of them went to a house across the middle of Madinah. A house of a pious and shalih woman.

“I am Abu Darda’, and this is my Brother a Persian. Allah has been glorified him with Islam and he also has glorified Islam with charity and Jihad. He has a major position in Rasulullah saw, and the Prophet called him his Ahlulbait. I came here to represent this brother to propose your daughter” said Abu Darda spoke in Bani Najjar accent.

“That is an honor for us” said the housefather.

“Receiving both of you, a noble companion of Rasulullah. And an honor for this family to have a son-in-law from a Rasulullah Shahaba. Yet, the right reply, I leave it to our daughter” The housefather said it with the signal to a place behind the Hijab (barrier) where the daughter of him looking forward with all heart pounding.

“I am sorry for this directness” said the soft voice. Apparently her mother spoke for her daughter. “But since the two of you came, then hope the pleasure from Allah, I answer that our daughter refuse the proposal of Salman. But if Abu Darda’ has the same affair, then our daughter will accept the proposal.”

Very clear ! Surprising directness, ironic, and wonderfull. The princess was more attracted to the companion’s suitor than the suitor! That’s surprising and ironic. But I told you wonderfull, because of one reason, that is Salman’s reaction.

Could you imagine, a feeling where love and brotherhood fought for space in heart. Could you imagine, a form of sheepish that swelled and were met with a consciounsess’s wave, he didn’t have any rights over those he loves. Let’s hear he spoke :

“Allahu akbar!” Salman said. “All the dowry and sustenance that I prepared before, I will give them to Abu Darda’, and I will be a witness of your marriage. My best friend in dunya and akheerah. And I will be your marriage witness!” the tears of love and gratitude embellished the dim atmosphere in that evening.

MaashaAllah, a great sacrifice of love and touching. That’s when love based on love for Allah, The pain would be lovely, because of Allah.

ref: Jalan Cinta Para Pejuang by Salim A. Fillah



That’s cool huh? I don’t know if that happens to me, What would I do? Haha, it will be very painfull and wonderfull in the same time. But, as you read on the piece above, when a faith wins the ego, when Allah wins everything you desire, you think you lost what you desire? No, I think, Allah tests you, how much you love Him? And certainly He is planning another great story for you, another great person for you.


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